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Colour Analysis & Style Consultation

Do you ever?

  • Look in a wardrobe full of clothes and still 'have nothing to wear'?
  • Wonder why you look and feel good in some colours?
  • Feel 'washed out' in other colours?
  • Buy things that you never wear?
  • Often find yourself choosing black as a safe option?

Would you like to

  • Feel more confident about what suits you?
  • Avoid those costly 'impulse buys'?
  • Look and feel more up to date/younger/stylish?
  • Know how to choose and wear make up that complements your colouring?

If you have answered 'yes' to some or all of the above, Colour and Style consultations are your answer!

A Colour Consultation

  • Will show you what colours best suit your hair, eyes and skin tone
  • Show you how to wear the colours currently in your wardrobe
  • A make-over and make up advice is included
  • You will take away a wallet of your 42 best colours to help you shop more effectively and avoid those costly 'impulse buys'

A Colour consultation takes 1.5-2 hours Price £110

A Style Consultation

  • Will determine your 'style personality'
  • Show you how to make the most of your figure
  • Make sure your style is appropriate and current
  • Increase your confidence in choosing the appropriate clothes for both formal and casual wear
  • Fine-tuning - how accessories, jewellery, hair and eyewear can affect your image
  • You will take away a style workbook outlining all the advice and information given to you for future reference.

The Style consultation takes 2.5 hours. Price £115

Full Image Consultation

'The full works' combines colour, style and make up. You will leave knowing that those wardrobe mistakes are a thing of the past!

The Full Image consultation takes half a day (about 4 hours) and is offered at the special price of £207 including tea/coffee and light snack. However, if it suits you better, you may do each session on separate dates.