Welcome to The Visible Difference

As a Colour me Beautiful image consultant I know how important it is for men and women to look good, feel great and portray an air of confidence.

Research shows that:

  • You have 30 seconds to create a lasting first impression
  • 93% of how you are judged is non-verbal communication:
    • 55% is your appearance and body language,
    • 38% is the tone pitch and pace of voice,
  • and only 7% is based on what you actually say

When you feel confident about what you are wearing, your look will be memorable for all the right reasons.

So, whatever the situation - be it an interview, an important meeting, a date, party, big social occasion or even time for a new start in your life - The Visible Difference' is your key to success.

By discovering your best colours and style of clothes - plus a few essential grooming tips, you can feel more confident about how you look and avoid those costly 'wardrobe mistakes'.