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Make Up Lessons

Have you been applying your make-up the same way for years? Or maybe you've never worn make-up and you'd like to start. In a personal make up lesson I will take you carefully through the steps of applying make up to achieve a flattering and up to date look.

You will learn:

A full range of Colour Me Beautiful make-up* all tailor made for your particular colouring is available to buy.

You take away a personalised workbook detailing all the make-up advice given to you, plus hints and tips to keep you looking your best.

A Make up Lesson lasts for about 1 hour. The price is £40 per person

Make-up lessons are also ideal for groups. So, if your friends, family or work colleagues want to enjoy fun make-up advice then just contact me to arrange a party at your home or 2/3 of you could come together to my studio.

* Colour Me Beautiful make up is free of lead and parabens (cheaper preservatives that are potentially carcinogenic). It does not contain animal fat and has not been tested on animals so is ideal for those who care about animals or are vegetarian.

Make Up Prescription

A make-up prescription will give you:

How it works: - Bring along your make-up bag to your session and I will have a look and advise you which of your existing products are really working for you, and which ones are not earning their keep. You'll have a chance to try on make-up from our cosmetics range and you'll receive a list of shades from our range which will suit you best.

A Make up prescription takes 30-40 minutes (you could do it in your lunch break!) The price is £20

After seeing the range of colours that work for your make-up you may want to consider booking a full colour analysis so that you can apply all your best colours to your wardrobe too!