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By Colour me Beautiful


Our pashminas are available in gorgeous, vibrant colours designed to enhance your own colouring. The fine, soft quality and pretty fringing make them ideal to use as a wrap on a cool evening or as a scarf to dress up a plain outfit. They make a great gift for someone too!

Available in nine colours. Price £22.00

Our jacquard wraps are the perfect glamorous cover-up for any occasion, and they make a fabulous gift too!

Available in Dove, Chocolate and Cream Price £29.00

Contact me for more details or to purchase.


Colour me Beautiful cosmetics are unique as they are the only range to be tailor made for your own colour palette. The eye shadows, blush and pressed powder fit neatly into a magnetic box system giving you total flexibility to choose what combinations you prefer.

Most other makes of eyes-shadow sets are fixed and usually have one or two shades that you do not use and so get discarded. With the Colour me Beautiful magnetic box system, individual items can be replaced as they run out so eliminating waste.

With a choice of small and large boxes they are perfect for travel or fitting neatly into your handbag.

'Morning Light' foundations are light diffusing, contain moisturisers and SPF's. A lovely light texture gives you a flawless finish whilst protecting your skin.

Lipsticks and lip-gloss come in a range of fabulous shades to complement your colouring.

All the Colour me Beautiful cosmetics are free from lead and parabens. They have not been tested on animals and do not contain animal fat therefore making them suitable for anyone who cares about animals or is vegetarian.

I keep a full stock of the cosmetic range. You are welcome to call or email me to order anything and to pop in to my studio to try out new colours. I am happy to help you choose the right shades for your colouring.


Colour me Beautiful's style guides are the perfect introduction to a new you! Packed with style advice, colour guidance, make-up tips for the women andgrooming tips for the men.